Helping You Say Goodbye Naturally

Being able to Say Goodbye Naturally

Welcome to Say Goodbye Naturally a website that takes funeral planning and the act of saying goodbye to a new level. Why is this website different to other death and funeral sites?

This site is here to guide and help you make the choices you want and importantly highlights the most Natural options for funerals.

It is aimed at everyone, not just those with a life limiting illness or nearing the end of their life, but to those who are hale and hearty and want to plan ahead to get the funeral they want and be in control.

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Say Goodbye Naturally is a collection of people, small businesses and charities that have a similar ethical philosophical outlook, are passionate that a funeral needs to be natural, take time, be beautiful and worthy of the person you love and be good value for your money. It can include simplicity, have environmentally friendly options, be a wonderful celebration of life and most importantly give everyone the freedom to choose.

Planning The Final Journey is important and there are many aspects as you will see. By looking at all options, it is more likely that you can have what can be called a ‘good funeral’ and also save money. We include a clear and concise guide to sustainable choices and you will find that Natural funerals are NOT as expensive as ‘traditional’ ones.

Importantly, key people here are Members of the Good Funeral Guild and support the ethics and values of The Natural Death Centre.

Many featured here are based in Kent, Sussex and Surrey but our services extend wider in many cases. It is hoped that our passion and enthusiasm for giving everyone Natural choices will extend to other parts of the country as others take up the call we are sharing.

Being able to Say Goodbye Naturally means that the final journey is undertaken with full respect and compassion. It is expressing gladness for life as well as sadness for death.